What is this about and who are you?

I am Rahsaan. I started this letter series to share things my heart touches and things that touch my heart with people who want to be moved by words. My artistic path includes acting, poetry, dance, love, and words. Through these I have learned to appreciate the beauty of storytelling and the intimacy stories and words can create between people.

We often long for the times when handwritten letters were more common than text messages. I want to create the vibe of handwritten letters, sent from one close companion to another between coffee shop meetings and conversations, sharing informative and inspiring bits as well as connection, with the hope that I can offer something beautiful to you.


Why should I subscribe and who is this for?

Maybe you are an artist and you are curious about how another artist’s creative path looks. Maybe you are like me, doing the best you can to appreciate even the tiniest, sometimes seemingly hidden blessings around you while still getting the bills paid on time. Maybe you want to celebrate more, laugh more, be grateful more, learn to love yourself and others more, and communicate from your heart more. I do my best to walk the path of contemplation, creativity, and compassion, and I want to share that walk with you.

What do I get when I subscribe? What should I expect?

The spirit of handwritten letters sent in digital form, as well as other creations, about compassionate living and communication, mindful love and intimacy, wanderlust and curious exploration, stories from my life, expressions of an artist's path, everyday life and random reflections, personal empowerment, and the pursuit of happiness.

Steep your cup of tea, or prepare your coffee and join me so I can share with you through stories, musings, essays, memes, humor, poems, podcasts, videos, interviews, and whatever other ways I find to share with you and inspire you, which will show up as handcrafted word paintings shaped into letters in your email. Sometimes I might share some weird, quirky stuff. I'll also share about my performances, appearances, and projects.

How often will I hear from you and how much does it cost?

With free letters, I will commit to two per month. That doesn't necessarily mean I will always only write two. It means that I'd rather under promise and over deliver than commit to a rigorous schedule that could be difficult to maintain while other life things are going on. When I announce paid letters, I will say more about how that will work.

Can I forward the emails?

With the free letters, I welcome sharing them freely with people you think may enjoy my words. If you quote me or screenshot my words, please credit me. I would love to have my words be something you are talking about with the people who are close to you. I would also love to help a smile grow across your face and in your heart, or maybe even brighten and lighten your day, with the things I share here. It would be wonderful for you to share that joy and smile with others.

With letters reserved for paying subscribers, when they are available, occasional sharing is okay. If you do share, with the free letters and the paid ones, please consider encouraging the recipients to visit here and subscribe to support these letters and receive them as soon as they are sent.

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